Welcome to Blurayprinter.com, a great new cover printing software designed with ease of use and maximum compatability in mind. Our software lets you print out replacement Bluray or DVD covers which may have been damaged or lost (freeware version), or the Professional version goes much further and has over 23 great presets including:

Air Rifle Targets (A4 Size), Audio CD Front, Audio CD Back With Spine, Audio CD Back With No Spine, Audio CD Booklet, Bluray 12.5mm, Bluray 14mm, Bluray Booklet, Digital Photo (Small), Digital Photo (Full Page), DVD (Fat), DVD (Slim) 7mm, DVD (Slim) 9mm, DVD 6 Boxset, DVD Half Size, Minidisc Container, Nintendo Wii, Passport Photo, Playstation 3, PSP, VHS Cover, Xbox 360 & One
Plus we now offer you the ability to print out CUSTOM sizes...

ALL our customers will now receive: NEW Air Rifle Target Set in A4 size! we give you 20 Pre-Made Air Rifle Templates FREE OF CHARGE and worth at least £20 Examples below: