We have to abide by the law of not only the United Kingdom but every other country in the world, as a result of the laws of some other countries; these are the strict terms and conditions regarding the USE of our software.

1: You may only install our software onto computers that YOU own, this may be your own personal pc or any other computer that you own in your household such as your sons, partners etc.
1a: If you are a business owner, you may install our software onto computers that YOU own only, and not onto employee’s personal computers.
1b: If you are a teacher, then you are allowed to install onto any of the school computers that your school owns. You are not allowed to install onto a pupils computer or property without their permission.

2: We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to ANY PC or Laptop as a result of using our software. ALL of our program's are highly tested and 100% portable and do NOT install anything to the target machine. Because of this it will be very highly unlikely that our software will cause problems with any other software on your machine. Ultimately you use our software at your own risk and by continuing to use our software you agree to all of our conditions...

3: Because of the very high level of fraudulent activity prevalent in society today, once the software links have been sent out to you and the program downloaded (we can tell), we do not offer any refunds. This is to stop piracy and fraud and by purchasing and downloading our software you explicitly agree to this condition.