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If you need a BluRay or DVD cover printing software but you don't want to pay high prices, or fill your hard drive and computer with bloatware? Well you have just found the very best FREEWARE & 100% SAFE Cover Printer available on the net. Our software has recently been updated to version 4.0 and will continue to be supported over the next couple of years!.

Why not purchase our PRO version which supports a massive amount of new templates including the new air rifle targets. It's ONLY £4.99!

I was searching the internet for a simple to use and free bluray cover printer, and I could find nothing clean and easy to use which would also work on ANY Windows operating system. Not only that but i wanted to find a good cover printer that did not have ANY kind of BLOATWARE!. So in the end i decided to make my own, Blurayprinter.com was then born and I initially just used it myself, after a couple of weeks I got several requests from other people to release it and here is the result. Our software will always be FREE*, and will always be free from spyware or adware etc. Bluray, DVD, Cover Printer Freeware is the ONLY product you will ever need.

*freeware version

::::: SCREENSHOT :::::

The freeware version of bluray cover printer will let you print out both bluray & dvd covers with very little fuss, you can even drag & drop a cover into the programs main window. All you have to do then is set your printer settings and print, its that easy!. Bluray Cover Printer is THE best freeware bluray cover printing program available on the net today!. Bluray, DVD, Cover Printer Freeware is the ONLY product you will ever need.

The PRO version of this software allows you to print out from 22+ templates including the NEW air rifle targets in A4 size.

::::: FEATURES :::::

  Ability To Print Out Replacement Bluray Covers
  Ability To Print Out Replacement DVD Covers
  Works on ANY Windows Operating System!
  Ability To Add Black Outline To Printed Images (For White Covers)
  All Sizes Pre-determined For You & Fit Exactly
  Free Updates For Life Of Product (if/when available)
  100% Portable - Does Not Need Installing - Runs In Memory.
  Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8 & 8.1 Compatible.
  No Virus, Spyware OR Adware In Our Software EVER!.

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